Verhoeven: an analysis / Issue II: RoboCop 2 (1990)

Posted in Uncategorized by wolfpeterson on March 3, 2011

Paul Verhoeven did not have any input on this film, but his legacy remained in the use of the most over-the-top squib ever used in a film.

This second video zine allows meditation on the artifice of cinema: disposable characters are held in the light for as long as the original footage will allow to reveal the actor.

The blood packets hidden under the actors’ dress explode in the opposite direction of the penetrating bullet to shower the aggressor/hero in justice, pride and blood. This is the receiving actors’ time to shine, to showcase their worth.

But they are no longer characters, they are filler, pre-Machete Trejo, pulling stupid faces, spinning/flipping/oscillating on screen as they live out their last few frames of celluloid.


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